We specialize in high risk residental tree removal, We offer cordwood and land clearing/selective cutting


       We at On The Ball Cut-N-Haul  make it our personal mission to make the homeowner feel like they have hired the perfecy company for the job. We at On The Ball Cut-N-Haul strive to go above and beyond to get the job done in the safest and most affordable manner, there are no hidden cost and fees.
       We are a small company with two high risk tree cutters on the crew. We will climb, rig and drop your tree. No heavy equiptment involved that will tear up your property.
        We specialize in high risk removal power lines, structures, or fences are not a problem for us. With combined experience of about 25 years the is no job to big or small for us. We are also fully insured. 
       We at On The Ball Cut-N-Haul  offer many services in addition to high risk residental and commercial tree removal, we offer cordwood at a competitive price, We do mowing, landscaping, selective cutting, along with many other services.
        We will work with you on pricing, doing payment plans, batering, etc... We accept all forms of payment.


" The expertise of this company was nothing short of outstanding. 3 large oak limbs were taken down next to our house. The roof and skylights never got touched. Both mike and trevor did an extordinary job. On time and in short order

Doug Raspie

Via; Facebook "on the ball cut-n-haul"

Had some really tough trees to cut down, Mike and crew made short work of threm. They came the following weekend, and the prices were very reasonable. I would recommend these guys to cut any tree down. Came highly recommended by a number of friends, and i was not  disappointed

Phillip Giunta Jr

Via; Facebook "on the ball cut-n-haul